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“Live your dreams, wear your heart on your sleeve, love what you have and love what you do”
Executive Chef Antonio Salvatore

Antonio Salvatore’s life always revolved around the kitchen table. Since he was a kid, he was involved by his family in the cooking act. In his house in Guardia Perticara, a small medieval hamlet, he was introduced to the art of the heartfelt cookery that only Italian food can provide. Recognizing elements from the garden, nurturing them with care and lastly preparing handmade meals in an almost self-sufficient microcosm:

These truthful and sincere Southern Italian roots made him the chef he is today.

While growing up, at only 12 he started working at restaurants in the province of Potenza. At 14, he started hotelier school: while studying the fundamentals of cooking, during summers he perfected his craft by working in kitchens across Italy. His industriousness and his passion for food are both products of his studies and of the culinary education he developed in his household.

Chef Antonio Salvatore continued his own culinary journey by exporting delicate and refined Italian cuisine abroad: he trained in restaurants in London and at the Canary Islands, at Juan Pablo Felipe’s El Chaflán in Madrid and at Semifreddo-Mulinazzo in Moscow, the city where he also worked as a chef at the Italian Embassy.

The desire of expressing his creativity and inventiveness saw its accomplishment in 2016, when he was nominated Executive Chef Patron at Rampoldi in Monte-Carlo. Alongside a more traditional approach to cooking which still aims to elegance and refinement, chef Salvatore was given the opportunity to show his passion for haute cuisine and fine dining with La Table d’Antonio Salvatore, opened in 2020. After only four months since its opening, in 2021 it received the prestigious accolade of the Michelin Start. The acknowledgment certainly marked an important step in the never-stopping career of the chef. However, what drives and concerns Salvatore does not just rely on the kitchen, but on restaurant business as well. To testify that a new challenge opened to the chef and its crew: exporting the Monegasque way-of-life in the Big Apple. The ever-moving city nowadays hosts Casa Limone, Atlantic Grill, and the brand new Rampoldi New York, twin restaurant of Rampoldi in Monte-Carlo.

Elegance, authenticity, simplicity, respect, and enhancement of local products are the leitmotifs of the chef’s cuisine which is supported by a tight network of local producers. The key of Antonio Salvatore’s success is to be found in these above-mentioned values: the same he had when he was a little kid, the same that surrounded him through all the course of his life.

“The competition is high. Monaco hosts some of the best kitchens of the world. Being a chef is like being an athlete. Discipline is the key”
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Thanks to its polished cuisine, Rampoldi Restaurant evokes recollections, and it creates new memories wherever you’ll stay or dine.